Mohit Saxena

India Skills Series | Mr. Mohit Saxena- Program Director- SAATHIYA

First published in CSRBOX

Mohit Saxena has over two decades of experience in the corporate world where he has played various leadership roles in the IT sector. For the last two years, he has been heading the SAATHIYA Skilling Academy as Program Director. Prior to joining the social sector, he was the Global Delivery Head for Utilities vertical at Infosys, the organization where he spent 23 years of his career.

Mohit is passionate about designing youth-centric programs and associated interventions for underprivileged youth to help them build a growth-oriented career and transform their lives. He leverages Design Thinking and strongly believes in Innovative and Pragmatic ideas that can help the youth with job continuity and career growth. His passion led him to join the social sector where he has designed a unique Skilling Program and setup a next-generation Skilling Academy from scratch. The SAATHIYA academy is run under Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiative.

In the interview, he sheds light on the following:

1. How are you leveraging design thinking and pragmatic ideas to help provide skilling avenues for the youth at SAATHIYA?

2. Having spent over 2 decades in the IT sector, how would you say the same is shaping your work and role at the organization?

3. The model of the organization is embedded in the brand Tamara Leisure Experiences, how does this alliance help the programs?

4. What are the challenges that you face in aligning such skilling activities for youth and how do you address them?

5. Apart from training the youth, how do you ensure a steady job post completion of the program?

6. How do you intend to take the program further be it with regard to job avenues or more partnerships?

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