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About the Opportunity

SAATHIYA Academy calls for Employment Partners (Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants) to recruit students from the Academy for On The Job Training (OJT) placements. The duration of OJT will be 12 weeks.

Our Partners


Partnership Terms

To make this partnership mutually beneficial and fulfilling, SAATHIYA commits to provide the following to our Employment Partners:

  1. Students trained in Food and Beverage Service Skills through a curriculum which is aligned to Industry requirements and latest trends in Hospitality industry

  2. Students trained to high standards in Customer Service and Customer Centricity

  3. Students trained in Employment Partner specific Focus Areas (if OJT offer is made at least 4 weeks in advance)

SAATHIYA expects the following from our Employment Partners towards the OJT Placements

  1. Provide students with On The Job Training at their facilities

  2. Arrange for students’ accommodation and food as per their respective company policies

  3. Provide students’ with OJT stipend as per their respective company policies

  4. Send attendance records and monthly feedback to SAATHIYA academy to facilitate performance monitoring and continuous improvement of students

Employment Partners will enjoy the following benefits from the SAATHIYA Partnership Program

  1. Opportunity to invite students for ODC (Outdoor Catering) for large events and banquets

  2. Opportunity to interview the candidates for OJT and Final Placements on first come first serve basis

  3. Opportunity to offer Full Time Job Placements to students who excel during OJT as per their respective company policies

  4. Opportunity to send their professionals for Guest Lectures at the academy for grooming the students

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