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SAATHIYA'S Guiding Principles

SAATHIYA believes in bringing about a transformative, sustained, and irreversible change in the lives of youth. This can only be achieved by focusing on “What is IMPORTANT” and not by focusing on “What is URGENT”. 

The founding principles of SAATHIYA are as below:

1. SAATHIYA intends to help build the career of youth as opposed to just making them employable and get them a job. Through the short-term Skilling Program and long-term Career Support, SAATHIYA wants to help transform their lives over a period of time.

2. SAATHIYA invests in the overall personality development of students and helps them become good professionals as opposed to just a Skilled worker.

At SAATHIYA, we aspire to create a vibrant community of young professionals who aspire to grow in life thru hard work, sincere efforts, and dedication thereby securing the long-term future for themselves and their next generation.


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